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Greener spaces are happier spaces – whether it is your office or home garden, lobby or patio. Greenverse Biophilia is our initiative for this – fusing plants, green furniture and green walls with modern landscaping aesthetics. Led by young landscapers and gardening experts, our team aims at creating green spaces that make you feel refreshed and destressed. They use the best in technology (such as vertical gardens) to enliven even the smallest of spaces.

Benefits of Indoor Greenscapes

  1. Workers in spaces with indoor greenery and natural light call in sick fewer times.
  2. Being around plants gives 88% workers an improved sense of wellbeing.
  3. 97% of people would like to have more plants where they work.
  4. Workspaces with indoor greenery are seen as fresher, friendlier and more comfortable.

Indoor plants offer great returns on investment by reducing costs of human capital turnover.

Say Bye to Boring

Say bye to wilting, water-logged or dried out plants. With innovative use of hydroponics and hydroculture, we create interior greenery that is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Greenverse’s interior landscapers use vertical and horizontal plantations and free-standing plants to make your home or office interiors soothing and delightful to look at.

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Whether you like a colourful crowd of flowering plants or a minimalistic approach, you can be assured of the best in design and sustenance of the ideal green space for you. Led by Mr. Eeshan Mokashi, our team of designers, technicians, botanists and maintenance experts offer you a range of solutions meeting both your budget and aesthetic outlook.


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