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Moving from a potted plant here and there, indoor gardening has come a long way. Greenverse specialises in converting bland interior spaces into vivid experiences, for both residential and commercial properties.

Our team brings diverse expertise to the table, and use colours, textures, shapes and materials to create tailored green furniture products for home and office spaces. These products require minimal sunning and watering, which save you maintenance hassles.

Greenverse offers interior designers, architects, landscapers, facility managers and individual homeowners a wide choice of livegreen products that fit in with their design sensibilities. Our own experts work in tandem with them to create perfect experiences.


Green Walls/Vertical Gardens

Using hydroculture, planters can be stacked vertically to create beautiful little gardens on walls, saving you space. They are easy to incorporate into architectural plans, which makes them suitable for office partitions, balconies or patios, terrace cafes, parking lots – limited only by your imagination. Supported by automated irrigation systems, they can accommodate different kinds of plants.


Room dividers

Vertical greenery-based movable dividers offer a relief from bland cubicle separators. They help make the office less claustrophobic, while still giving privacy and space to concentrate. They can be single-sided, with 48 plants, or double-sided with 96 plants of your choice. They have concealed wheels, and a recirculating irrigation system.


Wall Planters

Greenverse offers you a range of wall planters in different sizes, shapes, textures and colours. You can purchase or rent them from our showroom – they stack easily to create vertical gardens or plantations. Each planter is watertight and can accommodate several 11cm/9cm hydroculture pots with plants.


Moss Walls

Mosses have been long documented for various benefits, which makes them suitable for green walls in interior spaces. Moss walls absorb particular and gaseous pollutants, and also reduce sound pollution. They help regulate moisture content in indoor air, preventing the room from becoming too humid or dry. Indirectly, this also stops the room from becoming too hot or cold.

Greenverse uses imported preserved moss, that requires minimal maintenance and stays green even in the absence of natural light. Compared to green walls and vertical gardens, moss walls are easier to create in restricted spaces and less light. They add a warm, fuzzy aesthetic to a room.

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Green Paintings

They get you closer to nature – and act as a conversation starter. Just plug in your preferred plant and enjoy the feeling. They are available with frames in different sizes where each frame is made in house by our expert carpenters, and available in RAL colours.



We have a vast rage of flowers available for sale including Agaopanthus, Alistomeria, Orchids (Annie Black, Mokara), Anthuriums (in three sizes), Lilies (Oriental, Calla, Asiatic), Heliconias (Sexy Pink, Hanging, Big Bird), Bird of Paradise, Brassica, Calla Lillies, Carnations, Chrysanthemum varieties, Cymbidium, Dutch Roses, Estoma, Gerbera, Gladiolus, Golden Torch Lily, Ginger Flowers, Jasmine, Lotus, Marigold, Roses, Tagar and Tuberoses.

You can also choose from a range of green leaves including Anthurium, Asparagus, Banana, Boston Ferns (Ghoda), Bull Rush, Coconut, Dresena, Golden Road, Gypso, Kamini, Limonium, Lotus, Money Plant, Palm, Ramban, Siat vale, Song of India, Table Palm and Zanadu.


Home Herbs & Vegetables

We also provide advice and nursery services to set up a home herbarium, floral wall or vertical kitchen garden. Plants such as tomatoes, spinach, onions, garlic, coriander and mint are very suitable. Hydroculture helps to increase yield and keep them disease-free and maintenance-free.


Home Balcony

A floral vertical garden helps make the most of limited balcony space. We provide hanging plants like money plants, English ivy and sword ferns; flowering plants like geraniums and star jasmine; and a variety of mosses as well, that will liven up your walls.

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