Greenverse uses hydroculture, a way of growing healthy plants derived from hydroponics, which makes it easier to grow plants indoors and in all seasons.

Brought to India by Pushpam Hortitech, the benefits of hydroculture are many. Instead of soil and water, it grows plants in ‘Hydro Pebbles’. This removes the risk of mosquitoes breeding, or of the plant getting diseases or pests from the soil. The system includes a water indicator, that allows for controlled watering. Hydroculture makes indoor plants easier to maintain, while adding a soothing presence to working and living spaces. Especially suited for small and indoor spaces, it is popular with our customers.

Free Standing Plants

Liven up your space with living sculptures

A hydroculture-based free-standing plant system breaks the monotony of an indoor space and adds visual relief. These plants are known to grow taller and healthier compared to plants potted in soil or cocopeat. Our culture pots come with water indicators; you can place them in any water tight outer container. You can choose from our wide range of planters here.

Care of free-standing plants

  1. Easy and hassle-free care.
  2. Fill water till the indicator shows Opt (optimum) level.
  3. Let the water level drop to Min (minimum), which may take between 1-2 weeks.
  4. Refill only to Opt level.
  5. Fill to Max (maximum) only if going away for 4-6 weeks.
  6. Add a spoon of fertilizer once in 3 months if required.

In situ Plantations

Liven up bland spaces with miniature forests

Greenverse landscapers help you build an indoor horizontal plantation that breaks monotony, freshens up space and impresses visitors. These plantations are set up with professional water indicators, EPDM membranes and nutrient shafts, so that they need little maintenance. They also save you the need for drainage or waterproofing.

Plantation Methodology

  1. The location is chosen by the client and the planter is made. The space is filled with Styrofoam to requisite height.
  2. We then line the planter internally with water-proof EPDM membrane.
  3. We install the professional water monitor.
  4. Finally, the plants chosen by the client are placed, and the space is filled with hydrostones.

Click here to download Hydro Plantation Methodology PDF

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