We don't settle for boring Landscapes.

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We don't settle for boring Landscapes.

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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants indoors to replace the soil with mineral nutrient solutions. The technique used ensures the safety of the plants which can be grown in any season. More importantly, it is found to give better yield. We can set up Hydroponics almost anywhere; hence space constraint is not a worry.


Luxury Planters

Greenverse offers a range of luxury planters to match your home or office décor, with a choice of ceramic, fibre, plastic or concrete. Each planter comes with a special glass jacket vessel. This maintains uniform temperature for the plant, preventing waterlogging or drying. The range is wide enough to fit in with different interior aesthetics, from the minimalist to the baroque.


Interior Livegreen Products

Be it an office or house, everyone savors the greenery around. The very presence of plants brings down stress, anger, and weariness. The fresh oxygen also rejuvenates your soul and gives calmness to the eyes. Our exceptional teammates provide you with the interior flora as per your requirements.

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